Hamilton’s Social Landscape


This series of bulletins focuses on issues highlighted in the Hamilton’s Social Landscape report. Hamilton’s Rental  Landscape bulletin series provides additional important trends and analysis.


COVID-19 Full Series

Census Quick Facts

Poverty and Persistence

Using new taxfiler and longitudinal data from Statistics Canada, these bulletins explore trends in poverty in Hamilton.

Demographic Shifts Bulletins

Using a variety of data sources, the Demographic shifts series of bulletins explore differences between older and younger generations to uncover trends in a range of demographic characteristics of Hamilton’s population.

The Hamilton Spectator has published a series of articles based on the data in the Demographic Shifts bulletins, The Changing Face of Hamilton.

The changing face of Hamilton: Where have all the kids gone? Aug 23, 2016

The changing Face of Hamilton: The millennial takeover Aug 30, 2016

The changing face of Hamilton: No longer the city of immigrants Sept 6, 2016

The changing face of Hamilton: Visible minorities leading the way Sept 13, 2016

The Spectator’s View: Lessons about Hamilton’s changing face Sept 14, 2016

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