South Mountain Neighbourhood Engagement

OVERVIEWSouth Mountain project areas: Barnstown, Butler, Chappel West, and Chappel East planning units

The Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC) has partnered with Hamilton East Kiwanis Non-Profit Homes Inc., Victoria Park Community Homes Inc. and McGivney Community Homes Inc. for a resident engagement initiative in the South Mountain neighbourhoods of Butler, Barnstown, Chappel East and West. Supported by a two year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this collaboration is a result of noted improvements in other Hamilton neighbourhoods through the work of ongoing community development efforts.


Currently, the South Mountain Planning Team meets monthly (Last Tuesday of the month, 6:00 – 7:30pm) and the majority of the Planning Team is made up of South Mountain residents. Generally the meetings are a time for residents to discuss their neighbourhood and the things that they like and would keep/protect, the things that they would like to change, and the things they would like to start/happen. The Planning Team meetings provide an opportunity to discuss South Mountain Small Grants, as well as hear information from community partners about programming and initiatives in the area.


The Small Grants Program is administered by the Social Planning and Research Council. The primary purpose of the small grants program is to have funding available to encourage and facilitate resident engagement in neighbourhoods. Secondly, we want to make the decision making process about the use of the small grants to be the responsibility of the South Mountain Neighbourhoods and be used as a tool to engage residents in neighbourhood building.

Small project funding is to be used to support projects identified by resident members/groups in your neighbourhood. These may be groups you are already aware of or new groups that want to engage more in the neighbourhood. Small projects can be a great way to reach out to residents. This funding is not for ongoing programs, but a way to get new ideas and people working together on startups, projects and activities in your neighbourhood. Residents in the identified South Mountain neighbourhoods and living in Kiwanis, McGivney and Victoria Park homes have up to $5,000 total to spend on local projects. Each project or activity can apply for up to $500 per project per year. Small grants funds cannot be used for fundraising purposes.




Promoting togetherness on Hamilton’s south Mountain November 24, 2016

South Mountain small grants program to fund community initiatives. May 1, 2016



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