Placement Students

As an SPRC Placement Student you will have the opportunity to support Social Planners throughout the year on a project or various projects. Publicly funded Colleges/Universities and student must complete the following process:

  • Express Interest

    Publicly funded school and/or student expresses interest in writing which includes:

    • Student resume
    • Length of placement (includes start and end date, hours per week, days of the week)
    • Placement learning objectives
    • Identify Priority Area and/or Main Activities of interest to the student:
  • Priority Areas

  • Main Activities

    • Community Development
    • Community Engagement
    • Research
    • System and Service Planning
  • Evaluation

    Potential Placement Supervisor evaluates interest and determines whether or not to interview student.


    If student successfully completes the evaluation process, she or he will be interviewed by a Placement Supervisor. Through this interview a Placement Supervisor will determine if the learning objectives of the student could be met in a placement position.

  • Acceptance

    Participating school and student are each sent an acceptance of placement. Participating school must supply a Work/Education Placement Agreement.

  • Orientation

    All Placement Students will receive an orientation on the first day of arrival by Human Resources and a Placement Supervisor.

Written expressions of interests are to be submitted to

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee placement.

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