Worsening Ontario Income Gap Mirrored on Hamilton Streets

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By Flannery Dean, CBC News

The income gap between rich and poor in Ontario is at an “all-time high,” says a report released

Wednesday, with the province’s poor and middle classes working more hours with negligible income gains while the richest 10 per cent experience huge income increases despite working fewer hours.

The report, entitled Falling Behind, is the joint effort of more than 90 labour and community groups that call themselves the Ontario Common Front (www.weareontario.ca).

Some of the report’s more troubling findings:

  • 1.7 million Ontarians live in poverty (1 in 7 kids)
  • 600,000 family incomes stalled or failing
  • 30,000 + are waiting for hospital and long term care beds
  • Ontario spends 44% less on affordable housing than other provinces
  • Workers earn 19% less, with women being at a particular disadvantage, earning 29% less.

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Article Source: CBC News

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