Common-Law Relationships on Rise in Hamilton Area

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By Matt Van Dongen, The Hamilton Spectator

Sarah Norsworthy needed an accountant to tell her she was in a legal common-law relationship.  The 21-year-old photographer had lived with boyfriend Matt Verhoeven — make that common-law partner — for three years before tax season revealed their new-found status.  She isn’t surprised her common-law relationship is increasingly common in Hamilton and across Canada.

“We’re in no rush to get married — we’re still young and there’s still so much to do,” Norsworthy said. “I think a lot of people are taking their time with that sort of decision, if they’re making it at all.”  The couple is one of almost 22,000 common-law families in the Hamilton census metropolitan area, which includes Burlington and Grimsby, according to the latest data released from the 2011 census.

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Image & Article Source: The Hamilton Spectator

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