Hamilton’s Radial Separation By-Law is Punitive and Discriminatory

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By Conrad Zurini and Larry Huibers, The Hamilton Spectator

Ask Marissa Deacon how she feels about the concept of a living wage, and her reaction is sudden and effusive.

The notion of a living wage is that every adult Hamiltonian would make exactly enough to have a modest but comfortable life: $14.95 per hour.

That’s $4 an hour more than Deacon has made in months.

“Right now, for me, it’s either pay rent or have groceries. And if you don’t pay rent, you don’t have a place to live,” said the 22-year-old, who recently earned Ontario’s minimum wage of $10.25 at a local call centre.

We are writing on behalf of the Affordable Housing Flagship, a consortium of more than 20 public and private sector partners, citizens, organizations and volunteers who work together in Hamilton to create opportunities for affordable housing in this city. This collaborative has been working for 10 years on housing issues that concern and affect our city. 

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Source: The Hamilton Spectator


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