How Many Kids Waiting for Affordable Childcare in Hamilton is Too Many?

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By Flannery Dean, CBC News

It’s a very long wait for some children in Hamilton to find a spot in the city’s subsidized child care system. Right now, there are 1,623 kids in that line.

In 2012, the province allocated $36.9 million to overall childcare costs in Hamilton, an increase of 89 per cent since 2003, according to the Ministry of Education.

The city’s annual childcare subsidy budget represents approximately $22 million, says Jane Soldera, Director of Community Services Department Social Development & Early Childhood Services Division in Hamilton. At the moment, 3,779 children are receiving childcare fee subsidies, she reports.

Yet when it comes to offering subsidized childcare support to families in need, demand outstrips supply. In 2007-8, that demand went up by 18 per cent.

“By year end 2011,” says Soldera, it had increased by “54 percent over the same time in 2010.”

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Article & Image Source: CBC News

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