SPECIAL REPORT: How to Transform Hamilton

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By Steve Buist, The Hamilton Spectator

There’s a fine line that separates education from saturation.

That sums up the challenge when it comes to the poverty message.

Senator Art Eggleton, the former Toronto mayor, found that out the hard way.

Eggleton was the chair of a Senate subcommittee that produced a 362-page document titled A Call to Action on Poverty.

For two years, Eggleton toured the country, trying his best to get people passionate about tackling the poverty problem.

But the report, and Eggleton’s best efforts to spread the message, went over like a lead balloon, as Toronto Star columnist Carol Goar recently described.

So Eggleton switched tactics.

Instead of hitting people over the head with the “poverty” word, he began talking instead about income inequality and the problems that society encounters when the gap grows between the rich and the poor. Lo and behold, he suddenly found that audiences were now far more receptive to his message.

We risk running into the same dilemma here in Hamilton.

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Image & Article Source: The Hamilton Spectator


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