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New “Action on Poverty” Profiles for Hamilton ridings presented to Federal All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus meeting

By Deirdre Pike

A new series of profiles on the reality of poverty in Hamilton’s electoral ridings were released today under the title “Action on Poverty” from the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton.  

The reports are part of a larger series of 53 profiles, one for each riding in the GTA and Hamilton coordinated by the Social Planning Network of Ontario

Each profile contains facts and figures about poverty and challenges facing residents in each of the ridings. They also identify how the work of community groups, service providers and advocacy groups in communities across the Golden Horseshoe are coming together to challenge poverty.  These stories call attention to the wide range of anti-poverty initiatives that are taking place within each community and across Ontario.

The profiles were presented today to a meeting of the federal All-Party Anti-Poverty Caucus in Hamilton, their first meeting outside of Ottawa. Co-chairs Chris Charlton, MP and Senator Art Eggleton and caucus treasurer Senator Don Meredith were present.

The profiles offer an opportunity for community members and groups to call all federal MPs in Hamilton to become active members of this new collaborative caucus and report back to their ridings on the solutions to poverty being proposed by the committee.

The Action on Poverty riding profiles can be found on the SPRC website: 


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