How’s The Weather Campaign Urges Community to Help Homeless Women

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By Kaleigh Rogers, CBC News

Each month in Hamilton, more than 300 women are turned away from the city’s over-capacity homeless shelters. A group of community workers says that number is too high and something needs to be done.

On Thursday, the Women’s Housing Planning Collaborative gathered for the launch of its How’s The Weather campaign, which aims to draw attention to the issue of homelessness and access to housing for women in Hamilton.

The campaign supports all women facing homelessness in the city, and Aboriginal women make up a large portion of that demographic.

Linda Ense knows all too well the struggles that aboriginal women can face in Canada. Born and raised with eleven siblings on Six Nations near Brantford, she witnessed alcoholism and family violence in her community.

“Back then, there were no shelters. There was no where for us to go,” she explained.

Ense serves as the executive director of the Native Women’s Centre in Hamilton, which offers housing and programming for all women, with a specific focus on Native families.

Now, she helps Native women find solutions and overcome the obstacles set before them.

“When you see one of our women who has lived with homelessness, lived in a shelter, moved on and is now working, that is the best part,” Ense said.

“You see that resiliency in our women and you see the beautiful growth and empowerment.”

Laura Babcock, president of Powergroup Communications, helped come up with the idea for the campaign.

“Canadians talk about ‘how’s the weather?’ all day long; it’s what we do,” Babcock said

Article Source: CBC News

Image Source: Dave Gruggen Photography


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