Hamilton City Council Hot on LRT, Cool on Bikeshare Proposal

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By Adam Carter, CBC News

Hamilton councillors voted unanimously to send a report on the city’s expectations for rapid transit to Metrolinx on Monday, with one caveat — they want the province to pick up all the capital costs for the project.

Councillors were wary of the report’s initial language, which capped the capital funding for the project at $800 million.

“Hamiltonians are no different than Toronto people that got 100 per cent funding,” said Coun. Lloyd Ferguson, adding that all capital costs should be covered by the province.

Metrolinx spokesperson Malon Edwards clarified that it is Metrolinx’s intention to fund the capital costs for rapid transit in Hamilton.

“One of Metrolinx’s priorities for the ‘next wave’ of projects is rapid transit in Hamilton,” Edwards told CBC Hamilton in an email. “The ‘next wave’ of projects requires a funding source, which is part of the focus of the big conversation in which we are currently engaging GTHA residents.

“It is our intention that funding for the Hamilton project, like other projects across the GTHA, would be provided through Metrolinx’s upcoming investment strategy, which we will be delivering to municipalities and the province by June 1.”

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Article and Image Source:  CBC News

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