Groups deliver ice blocks to MPPs to push for end to minimum wage freeze

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By Lisa Polewski, CBC News

Community groups in Hamilton are calling on local MPPs to melt the freeze on the minimum wage.

Local poverty activists and labour organization representatives presented local MPPs with symbolic blocks of ice Friday containing a pictorial representation of $10.25, which has been the minimum wage in Ontario since 2010. In the past, Ontario’s minimum wage increases have happened on March 31, which is why the groups decided to take action.

Hamilton’s Social Planning and Research Council and other local and provincial groups are calling for the provincial minimum wage to be raised to $14 per hour.

Deirdre Pike, senior social planner for the SPRC, said the province’s minimum wage should reflect the actual cost of living, which is not currently the case. Pike said the government has kept minimum wage frozen at $10.25 for the past three years because it overestimate projections for the deficit.

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Article and image source:  CBC News

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