Hamilton’s working moms need better transit, more affordable childcare, report says

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Report sheds light on population’s economic struggles

By Flannery Dean, CBC News

When Hamilton’s Gayle Zolaturiuk won $30 million on the lotto last week, her first thought was “I’m done with HSR,” she told The Hamilton Spectator.

Zolaturiuk isn’t the only woman who might be glad to be rid of riding the bus, according to one Hamilton social research planner.

“She is a single mother and her first thought [after winning] the lottery is ‘Goodbye, HSR!’ I think that’s a comment a lot of women would make,” says Sara Mayo, social research planner for the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton.

“Let’s make HSR a convenient service … make it something people would take even if they have lots of money,” said Mayo, the author of a recent report compiled by the SPRC that sheds a light on some of the economic struggles faced by women in Hamilton and offers suggestions on how to improve the situation.

The SPRC report found that more women are working full-time in Hamilton than ever before, but they are being paid significantly less than their male counterparts. To offset that inequality, they need better transit and increased access to more affordable childcare, concludes the SPRC.

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Article Source:  CBC News Hamilton

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