Recession Impacts Bulletins

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By Sara Mayo

There’s a buzz about Hamilton’s economy right now. After a long period of deindustrialization, including the brutal downsizing of the steel manufacturing workforce, there are many indicators that Hamilton is in a period of economic growth not seen for decades. This is happening while other communities in Ontario are still suffering the effects of the last recession.

But what explains Hamilton’s economic strength? Is the economic growth helping all citizens, or are the benefits limited to certain segments of our community? Are Hamiltonians living in poverty able to improve their economic conditions? Are unsettling national trends in the economic outlook for youth reflected in Hamilton? Are men and women benefiting equally from their contributions to the workforce?

These are all important questions that will be investigated in a series of bulletins published by the Social Planning and Research Council over the next few months. A bulletin will be released monthly on a topic related to the impacts of the recession and exploring Hamilton-specific data. The bulletins will also offer our analysis and prescriptions for further strengthening Hamilton’s economy so that it improves quality of life for all residents.

The schedule of releases will be as follows:

These “Recession Impacts” reports are published in the SPRC’s Hamilton Social Landscape Bulletin series. This occasional bulletin series focuses on issues highlighted in the Hamilton’s Social Landscape report and bring attention to more recent trends. Previous bulletins included:

Thank you to the United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton for the financial support which has allowed the SPRC to publish these bulletins and report on other trends and conditions vital to the quality of life of residents in our community.

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