Workplace Gains Not Paying off for Women

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Workplace Gains Not Paying Off

Study points to need for child care support, improved transit options

By Steve Arnold, Hamilton Spectator

A new study reports all of the net full-time, full-year employment in Hamilton over the past 15 years has been filled by women.

And despite that, they’re still paid more than $24,000 a year less than men.

The study, by the Social Planning and Research Council, concludes women account for nearly half of the full-time employment in the Hamilton area today while the majority of part-time workers are now men. The study uses Statistics Canada data up to 2010.

Study author Sarah Mayo said a major force behind that change is the decline of manufacturing and the rise of lower paid service sector jobs.

“It’s all part of the transition of our economy,” she said in an interview. “It says the skills that are most associated with women are the skills most in demand by the economy today.

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Article and Image Source:  The Hamilton Spectator

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