Employment picture bleak for Hamilton’s youth, study suggests

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Hamilton still hasn’t fully recovered from cuts in the ’90s to programs for young people, new report says

By Adam Carter, CBC News

The recession of the 1990s left deep cuts for young people — so deep, a new report suggests, that things never really recovered.

Employment earnings of Hamilton’s young people have declined by about 50 per cent since 1976, according to a new report from the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton.

“There were dramatic drops in the employment income of youth aged 20-24 after the 1980s and 1990s recession in Hamilton and across Ontario, and there hasn’t been any recovery since then,” said Sara Mayo, the report’s author.

Earnings for Hamilton’s census metropolitan area (CMA) workers aged 25-34 are second lowest among large Ontario regions. The SPRC blames lower wages, fewer hours of work, decreasing access to permanent jobs and more time unemployed between contract work for the decline in pay for young workers.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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