STAR Hamilton Tenant Consultation Report

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By Carla Klassen

Changes provide opportunities to become more responsive. STAR (Skills Through Activity and Recreation) Hamilton has had an impact on children ages 5-15 living in City Housing Hamilton developments in East Hamilton for over 25 years, and has recently partnered with Banyan Community Services and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton as its organizational structure changes.  For STAR Hamilton, going through organizational changes provided an opportunity to hear more from tenants in three areas served by the organization (Oriole Crescent, Kenora Avenue, and Congress Court) about what they think is working in STAR’s programming, and what could be improved. We consulted with tenants in these through surveys (in English, French, and Arabic) and interviews. We also spoke with community partners to come up with recommendations on how STAR can better meet the needs of people living the areas it serves.

Based on findings from these consultations, the report offers recommendations to improve awareness of STAR, increase the program’s capacity, improve services, and coordinate with other community partners. These recommendations are grouped into short, medium, and long-term strategies to form an action plan to support STAR as it works to be more responsive to the communities in which it offers programming.

A short, 2-page summary report is available in English, French, and Arabic at the link below. The full report, in English only, can also be downloaded below. 

Click to download STAR Tenant Consultation Full Report

Click to download STAR Tenant Consultation Summary Report – English

Click to download STAR Tenant Consultation Summary Report – French

Click to download STAR Tenant Consultation Summary Report – Arabic 

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