Provincial budget ‘heading in the right direction’ on poverty, Hamilton groups say

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By Cory Ruf, CBC News

 Anti-poverty advocates in Hamilton say the province is “heading in the right direction” with budget measures that address youth unemployment and social assistance rates.

Tabled at Queen’s Park on Thursday afternoon, the bill proffers a $295-million program, aimed at creating 25,000 new jobs for unemployed and underemployed youth.

The budget, if passed, would also raise social assistance rates by one per cent and allow welfare recipients to earn up to $200 per month in employment income before their government benefits get clawed back.

“They are modest improvements,” said Don Jaffray, the executive director of the Social Planning and Research Council. “We were hoping for more, but it’s heading in the right direction. We want to continue to work with the government to see how these improvements can make a difference and how much more is required.”

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Article and image source:  CBC News Hamilton

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