Hamilton Home Town Love

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By Erika Morton

Push the Point is a youth-led media arts project by the Urban Arts Initiative (UAI). The project was directed by Leon Robinson, a local hip hop artist, in collaboration with Thea Faulds from Centre 3 Print and Media Arts. Leon and Thea worked with a group of nine young people to develop, create and complete a multimedia video, which is titled Hamilton Hometown Love.

The concept of the project involved the youth highlighting the positive aspects of Hamilton and how they feel about this community as their home. The video features spoken word and photography by Andreas King, Collette Schotsman, Carter Shadwell, EhKlay Law, Humam Shwaikh, Jamie Kasiama, Jared Escalante, Mateos, and PJ Singh Chinjer. The video premiered during the June 14th Art Crawl at the Urban Arts Initiative. The video garnered excellent feedback and continues to be shared and supported in the community.

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