Collaboration still key for children’s programming in East Hamilton

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By Carla Klassen, Social Planner

This local evaluation of the Community Action Program for Children uses numerical data from program partners to identify numbers of sub-groups of participants and visits within each program, and presents stories from program partners about ways that their programs are making a difference in individual families’ lives, as well as challenges or unexpected outcomes. The varied nature of program partners means that numbers of participants should not be compared between partners, but are still helpful in quantifying the reach of impact from each program.

Findings suggest that continued collaboration could help partners to address common challenges such as reaching out to newcomer communities, young fathers, and socially isolated clients; recruiting, coaching, and mentoring volunteers; and finding supports for community members seeking a service that is unknown or unavailable.

These findings highlight the importance of continued collaboration between organizations serving young children and their families. Sharing program information and good practices can offer practical support and encouragement to other partners.

Click here to download evaluation.

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