Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council shows impacts, builds on strong partnerships

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By Carla Klassen, Social Planner

The Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council (HIPC) brings stakeholders together to collaborate on newcomer issues, share information, focus collective energy, and leverage resources to improve outcomes for newcomers in Hamilton.

This evaluation explores the impacts of the Hamilton Immigration Partnership’s (HIPC) work since its inception and attempts to quantify partner contributions to the HIPC’s work. An online survey with HIPC members was used to collect evidence of such impacts and contributions. Findings show that HIPC partners have contributed between $1,447,638 and $1,518,323 worth of in-kind contributions, direct contributions, and leveraged funds to immigration-related projects in Hamilton since 2009. In terms of impacts, respondents draw on the HIPC’s research reports and resources, are more involved in newcomer issues, and collaborate with other organizations to better meet newcomer needs because of their involvement with the HIPC. Respondents also emphasized communication and information sharing, greater collaboration, and developing or adjusting specific services as key impacts of the HIPC’s work.

Such evidence suggests that the coordinating function that the HIPC provides is useful in bringing partners together to collaborate, share information, and adjust services to newcomers and immigrants. It also suggests that the HIPC’s main strength is its partners, through the contributions that they make, and also through the funding that they leverage for newcomer and immigrant-related projects.

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Image Source: Caelie Frampton

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