Healthy student nutrition about quality — not quantity

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Time to think differently, support school breakfast programs that nurture nature and its benefits

By Deirdre Pike

I love living in the core of this city. Petula Clark’s ode to downtown, “… where all the lights are bright,” guided me out of small-town Ontario and down the highway to the bright lights of London (they were bright compared to Strathroy!). And now Hamilton for about the past 20 years.

By contrast, when I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s farm and loved it. I loved it enough to tell my aunt that I’d like to be a farmer when I grow up. She told me that to do that I’d have to marry one. I knew she meant a male farmer, and I already knew in my heart of hearts that wasn’t going to happen, so I left that dream alone.

Planting, harvesting, baling hay, working hard and getting dirty and then washing up for wonderful, well-deserved meals was great. It’s an experience I’m so glad I had, and now I’m happy to see that kids in Hamilton are going to have expanded opportunities to get their hands dirty and build relationships with local farmers and food.

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Article source: The Hamilton Spectator
Image source: Tastebuds, Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative

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