Rich getting richer in Hamilton while the rest stagnate

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By Samantha Craggs

Hamilton’s rich are getting richer while the rest of the city’s residents are staying the same according to new numbers on income distribution.

The pay cheques of the top one per cent of earners — people who make more than $400,000 — have increased by 47 per cent since 1982, shows a new report from the Social Planning and Research Council.

In contrast, the bottom 90 per cent who average around $31,200 — are making only two per cent more than we were in 1982 when adjusted for inflation.

It shows that wealth distribution is unequal in the city, said Sara Mayo, a social planner with Hamilton’s Social Planning and Research Council. She co-authored the report, The Rich and the Rest of Us, with Deirdre Pike.

“It’s not so much the absolute income that matters,” Mayo said. “It’s the distribution of that income and the fairness of that distribution.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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