Council unanimously adopts Pedestrian Mobility Plan

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Motion to send SPRC’s Complete Streets policy to staff for review also passes

By Sara Mayo

Last night, Hamilton’s City Council unanimously adopted a Pedestrian Mobility Plan for Hamilton. The Plan has the potential to make Hamilton’s streets safer and reduce the high rates of injuries for pedestrians and cyclists in Hamilton.  The Plan calls for a paradigm shift in the way streets are designed and maintained, with consideration first be made for pedestrians and cyclists, then motor vehicles, instead of the reverse as it is currently. While the Plan will be implemented across the city, the Plan also calls for particular attention to improving safety in areas of the City’s Neighbourhood Strategy, which is an important step toward improving equity and reducing disparities between Hamilton’s neighbourhoods.

At the Council meeting, Councillors Brad Clark (Ward 10), Scott Duval (Ward 7), Jason Farr (Ward 2), McHattie (Ward 1), Bernie Morelli (Ward 3), Sam Merulla (Ward 4), and Russ Powers (Ward 13) spoke to support this Pedestrian Mobility Plan.  All Councillors later voted in favour of adopting the plan.

Councillors also voted unanimously to send the SPRC’s draft Complete Streets Policy for Hamilton to staff for their review, as per our request last week in our deputation to the General Issues Committee. The Complete Streets Policy [PDF] calls for Hamilton’s streets to be designed for the safety, convenience and comfort of all users, regardless of transportation mode, physical ability or age. Complete Streets policies have been adopted in over 500 communities across North America. Complete Streets policies ensure more transparency and accountability for decisions about how roads are designed, constructed and maintained and are leading to safer, more beautiful and vibrant streets.

In the coming months, the City will be seeking public consultation for the review of the Transportation Master Plan, which will be the next important opportunity to continue to improve the safety of Hamilton’s streets.

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