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By Amber Aasman, Project Coordinator, Art Forms

We are getting excited for May! Yes, the weather will be warmer, but even more importantly, we are joining the dozens of cities across Canada who celebrate NATIONAL YOUTH ARTS WEEK!  And it’s gonna be awesome.

Some of the things we will be doing during the week of May 1-7:

  • – A movie screening for the film “Inocente”
  • – A youth arts fair & sale
  • †- A poetry workshop
  • †- Mural making session
  • – †A Launch Party event on May 2nd where there will be art-making, live music, t-shirt printing, and more information about the week of awesome events! (All young people are invited, classes and groups are asked to RSVP)

In addition to Youth Arts Week, May is also Mental Health Awareness Month, and we will be hosting Good Shepherd Notre Dame for the May Art Crawl show. This promises to be an eye-opening and meaningful show which creatively portrays the day-to-day challenges faced by youth who encounter and experience mental illness. The theme for this show is “Inner Ninja,” and refers to the resiliency of young people. The show promises to be an amazing testament to young people’s ability to overcome obstacles, so stop by on May 9th between 7 and 10pm!

Click here to download PDF version of poster.

Friends, join us in getting excited for the great youth arts opportunities which are coming up this month. If you are interested in helping plan for Youth Arts Week, please get in touch!

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