Hamilton CAPC Council Event

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By Patti McNaney, Senior Social Planner

The Hamilton CAPC Council (HCC) is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide direction to the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC). The HCC is comprised of area residents who share their lived experience of the services and opportunities needed to raise their children.  The group meets monthly to plan actions in their priority areas of training, event planning and advising and promoting CAPC. Support for the group is provided by CAPC staff members Alison Miller and Ghanwa Afach and SPRC Board Member Jennifer Street.

On April 28th, the HCC hosted their first community information session in the Dominic Agostino Riverdale Community Centre. The event focused on raising the profile of the HCC and providing the community with a learning opportunity. Members of the HCC provided a presentation about their work while Josh Carson from the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic facilitated an information session on wills and power of attorney.

The event was a great success receiving extremely positive feedback from the community members in attendance. Thanks to the HCC for their hard work in planning this event!

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