City reviving road safety task force

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Plan reflects ‘huge shift’ in city hall’s approach to traffic safety in Hamilton: McHattie

Hamilton councillors have voted to revive a task force aimed at making the city streets and sidewalks safer for drivers pedestrians and cyclists.

 The Hamilton Road Safety Program committee dates from more than a decade ago. In 2007, council passed a bundle of the recommendations that were designed to reduced road crashes causing death, injury or property damage by 10 per cent every three years.

 But in the past seven years — during which time the plan fell dormant — collisions on Hamilton roads increased by nearly 14 per cent and traffic fatalities have hovered at around 20 per year.

A study by Hamilton’s Social Planning and Research Council suggested Hamilton pedestrians and cyclists are at higher risk of getting hit by cars than the provincial average, and that the city has one of the highest rates of pedestrian deaths in the province.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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