Changes to the Neighbourhood Action Strategy

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We would like to announce some exciting changes to the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, of which the Social Planning and Research Council is a partner, along with the Best Start Network, City of Hamilton and Hamilton Community Foundation..

In June 2014, Hamilton City Council approved the following motion:

That the General Manager of Community and Emergency Services Department enter into a partnership agreement with the Social Planning and Research Council for community development support in the Rolston neighbourhood, and to support neighbourhood planning across Hamilton from September 2014 to December 31, 2015, in the amount of $96,000 to be funded from the Neighbourhood Action Strategy Fund (Project #2051255204), in a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor.

The Social Planning and Research Council is happy to announce an expansion of the Community Developer Team from 5 full time Community Developers to 6. We’ve also taken this as an opportunity to build on past successes, and using as asset based community development framework, make some changes to where Community Developers are assigned to work over the next phase of the project. We’re delighted to welcome Syed-Hamid Yazdani to this team at the SPRC and announce the following assignments of the Community Developers across this expanded framework:

  • David Derbyshire: Keith and city-wide initiatives
  • Rebecca Doll: Crown Point and Stinson
  • Judy Kloosterman: Davis Creek and Sherman Hub
  • Syed-Hamid Yazdani: Riverdale and Gibson and Landsdale (GALA)
  • Laura Ryan: Rolston and McQuesten
  • Brandon Braithwaite: Jamesville and Beasley

Over the next few months there will be a period of transition as we work together and support each other in ensuring that resident led work is at the core of the Neighbourhood Action Strategy. We hope to have this transition completed by January 2015. In the meantime you can contact the Community Developer that you have been working with and they can assist you in connecting to the new CD in your neighbourhood. Their email addresses and phone numbers have not changed.

On behalf of the SPRC, thank you for your continued efforts to ensure that Community Developers have the best tools and resources at their disposal through their term of employment with the SPRC.

For more information, please contact:

Renée Wetselaar, Senior Social Planner
(905) 522-1148, Ext. 311

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