Gibson/Landsdale: Change is happening fast in North End neighbourhood

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By Danielle Wong

The Gibson and Landsdale community may have been one of the last neighbourhoods to present an action plan to city council, but the chair of its planning team says the area is seeing the fastest transformation.

“The speed of change here is something that we’re impressed with,” said Gerry Cunningham, who has lived in the neighbourhood for 14 years. “We watch what’s going on in all these hubs and this one — this Gibson and Landsdale area — is changing at a faster rate, I think.”

Residents began meeting under the initiative of a community developer in 2012 and elected the executives of the GALA (Gibson and Landsdale) Planning Team about a year ago. The hub presented its neighbourhood action plan to city council in February 2014.

This neighbourhood is one of 11 priority areas that are part of the city’s Neighbourhood Action Strategy, which supports residents in coming up with their own strategies to make their communities more healthy.

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Article and image source: Hamilton Spectator

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