Vulnerable people get the cold shoulder

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By Deirdre Pike

“Cold enough for ya?” Now there’s a conversation starter I could go without hearing the rest of my days. Right up there with “What’s new?”

Yes, it’s cold enough for me. Thanks for asking.

As I made my way around Hamilton this past frigid week I was reminded over and over again about how privileged I am to have both a roof over my head and access to a rust-bucket vehicle that doesn’t heat up much anymore but moves steadily from place to place allowing me to miss the full impact of just how cold it really is.

Waiting at a stop light, I watch as buddy makes his way up the hill from Locke to King in his non-electric wheelchair, using his loosely running-shoed feet to pull him along while his unmittened hands quickly try to turn the wheels in the slush without sticking to the metal.

It makes me cringe when I think of how often I complained about the cold this week from the warmth of my office or home without ever really experiencing the full brunt of it.

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Article and image source: The Hamilton Spectator

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