Grad students, postdocs use their skills to make a difference

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By Judi Pattison
Writing a successful grant for a community initiative can make a big impact on the lives of people in that community.

To help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows learn more about the grant writing process for organizations beyond the campus gates, a Grant Writing Training and Placement Program is being piloted by the School of Graduate Studies.

“Grant writing is not a strictly academic skill; it’s integral to so many roles and professions,” says Catherine Maybrey, graduate career strategist in the School of Graduate Studies.

From community service organizations to healthcare delivery, even business boardrooms – grant development is a function of many professions.

Professionals from both sides of the granting world – funding agencies and organizations that depend on external funding to support their programs and services – presented writing and development strategies and techniques to more than 45 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at a one-day Grant Writing Conference held at the Perkins Centre in east Hamilton.

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Article and image source: McMaster Daily News

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