Quality child-care benefits children, families, the economy

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By Judith Bishop

Campaign 2000: End Child and Family Poverty in Canada, July 2015, states: “Families today face increased challenges associated with precarious, part-time work, dismal social assistance rates, limited access to training and shortages of affordable housing and quality child care. Many are left with no choice but to turn to food banks to feed their children.” As Carol Bellamy, former CEO of UNICEF, has said “the physical, emotional and intellectual impairment that poverty inflicts on children can mean a lifetime of suffering and want — and a legacy of poverty for the next generation.”

So it is good news that children and family issues have been raised by all major political parties in this federal election and they are offering families with children additional financial benefits and/or increased access to child-care services.

But what investments would make the most difference for children and their families? We believe investment in child care outweighs all other initiatives:

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Article and image source: The Hamilton Spectator

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