Some Hamiltonians left out of ‘economic renaissance,’ report says

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Precarious employment and housing looming issues for the city

A new report from the Hamilton Community Foundation touts the city’s “economic renaissance,” but cautions that disparity is a “critical issue,” as many people are not able to reap the benefits of all that newfound optimism.

The Vital Signs report, which was prepared by the Social Planning and Research Council, outlines a mixed bag of positive movement for the city alongside negatives like a “looming housing crisis,” and insecure employment that leaves many struggling to make ends meet.

“This Vital Signs report reaffirms many reasons for the city’s new sense of energy and optimism, but also that disparity remains a critical issue,” foundation President & CEO Terry Cooke said in a statement. “Many Hamiltonians still struggle to secure basics such as safe, affordable housing, secure jobs and an income above the poverty line.”

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