What 5 Hamiltonians would tell the new Prime Minister

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Keanin Loomis, President and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations on your election!

Distant from Hamilton’s concerns and priorities, Ottawa has felt like someone else’s capital city.

We need a federal government that appreciates the history of this city in helping build this nation and understands the incredible opportunities we have to create a new 21st century legacy.

Of course no one level of government is expected to do everything, and our private and institutional sectors are equally responsible (and up to the task!), but Hamilton is searching for a partner in Ottawa that will help us meet our challenges and fuel our renewal.

We look forward to your contributions.

Lynda Lukasik, Executive Director of Environment Hamilton

Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to urge you to act on a number of issues critical to my city and to all Canadians.

Canada needs a national energy strategy — one that takes the global climate crisis seriously by leaving Alberta tarsands oil in the ground and prioritizing energy conservation and renewable forms of energy.

Please undo the damage done to key federal environmental legislation, including the Fisheries Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. And repeal Bill C-51 while you’re at it.

Finally, provide more federal funding to growing urban centres like Hamilton to support infrastructure for walking and cycling and public transportation.

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