A look inside Hamilton’s surprising bike share success story

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Nearly a year after the first Sobi Hamilton bikes were rolled out, the system has caught on

By Kelly Bennett

A couple of weeks ago, Owen Anderson, 54, went for a 27-kilometre bike ride — on a bike he doesn’t own.

Monumental trips like that help explain how Anderson, who does magic shows for kids for a living, is Hamilton’s bike share top user.

As of Sunday, he’d ridden 2154.88 kilometres on the SOBI bike share bikes. He joined in May, so that’s about 300 km a month, roughly 10 km a day.

Sometimes he goes further, like that 27-km ride on the Rail Trail out to Highway 54 and back.

Unlike the majority of riders who use the bikes for commutes and errands, Anderson uses it entirely for recreation and exercise.

He’ll take any bike, but is always tickled to find the bikes named “The magician,” and “bunny” parked at a hub.

Anderson is top user among 7,300 registered riders who have made bike system an unqualified— and to some, a surprising — success in the city.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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