This ward has 22 candidates: How do you hold a debate?

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Monday, Poverty Roundtable is going to try to give each some time to be heard

By Samantha Craggs

How do you organize an all-candidates meeting with 22 candidates?

Tom Cooper says it’s not too hard. It just can’t be a debate. And you need lots of chairs.

Cooper’s organization, the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, will co-host an all-candidates meeting for Ward 7 byelection candidates on Monday night.

There are 22 people who want Scott Duvall’s old job as city councillor of the Mountain ward after Duvall became Hamilton Mountain’s MP in the fall.

So far, 18 of the candidates have said they will be there, Cooper said. He’s not ruling out that others might show up as well.

Cooper said he and the other organizers — the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic and the Social Planning and Research Council — accepted right away that it would not be a debate.

There will be just enough time in the 90-minute session for every candidate to come to the microphone for four minutes, he said. Once they get there, “really, it’s up to them” how they use their brief time in the spotlight.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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