Province to greenlight inclusionary zoning

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By Matthew Van Dongen

Hamilton and other cities will soon be able to insist on a certain percentage of social housing in new residential developments, the province announced Monday morning.

Ontario announced the change as part of a package on its long-term affordable housing strategy that included details on how it would spend $178 million previously set aside in the provincial budget over three years.

The commitment to “inclusionary zoning” has long been sought by municipalities for years, with Hamilton including it a specific request in its longtime housing strategy.

“If inclusionary zoning had been in place over the last 12 years, the City of Hamilton would have created about 3,000 units of affordable housing in neighbourhoods across the city,” said Don Jaffray, head of the Social Planning and Research Council, who issued a statement last week urging the province to forge ahead with the change.

The city is trying to cut down on an affordable housing wait list of 5,700 individuals and families — even as it struggles to keep up its existing housing stock.

Housing advocates are hoping the city will mandate new social housing in planned new development in the west harbour, including 1,600 units envisioned for Pier 8.

Details on how the change will work, however, depend on consultation with cities and the private sector.

Image and article source: The Hamilton Spectator

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