Hamilton’s Social Landscape


This series of bulletins focuses on issues highlighted in the Hamilton’s Social Landscape report. Hamilton’s Rental  Landscape bulletin series provides additional important trends and analysis.


May 2021

August 2020

Census Quick Facts

Poverty and Persistence

Using new taxfiler and longitudinal data from Statistics Canada, these bulletins explore trends in poverty in Hamilton.

Demographic Shifts Bulletins

Using a variety of data sources, the Demographic shifts series of bulletins explore differences between older and younger generations to uncover trends in a range of demographic characteristics of Hamilton’s population.

The Hamilton Spectator has published a series of articles based on the data in the Demographic Shifts bulletins, The Changing Face of Hamilton.

The changing face of Hamilton: Where have all the kids gone? Aug 23, 2016

The changing Face of Hamilton: The millennial takeover Aug 30, 2016

The changing face of Hamilton: No longer the city of immigrants Sept 6, 2016

The changing face of Hamilton: Visible minorities leading the way Sept 13, 2016

The Spectator’s View: Lessons about Hamilton’s changing face Sept 14, 2016

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