Tiny house wave comes to Hamilton with new affordable housing project

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Organizers hope combining the tiny home trend with Hamilton’s laneways will ease the housing crisis

By Samantha Craggs

Is 400 square feet a lot of space?

It’s two-and-a-half times the size of a parking space. It’s the size of an average two-car garage. It’s one-tenth the size of a tennis court, or as big as nine king size beds pushed together.

But for two Hamilton agencies, it’s the magic size for a partial solution to Hamilton’s affordable housing crisis, particularly when it comes to homeless women.

Good Shepherd and the Social Housing and Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC) are planning an as-yet-unnamed project to offer up duplexes of tiny units for women in danger of homelessness.

The project will cash in on another affordable housing concept — the use of laneway homes. The pair will build on a Clarence Street property accessible only by laneway.

It’s a new concept for Hamilton, said Renee Wetselaar, an SPRC housing advocate. But the tiny home concept has caught fire with affordable housing advocates across the U.S.

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Article and image source: CBC Hamilton

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