SPRC Annual Report (2021-2022)

Image of cover of Impact report. People standing in a circle holding hands.
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Show us the Money: Income Security in Provincial Election 2022 Town Hall

Recording and Report available

SPRC Annual Report (2020-2021)

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New COVID-19 Bulletins – May 2021:

  • COVID-19 and Intensification of Inequalities
  • Children and COVID-19 in Hamilton
  • Occupational and Employment Impacts of COVID-19
  • Housing, Homelessness, and the Health Pandemic
  • Equitable Vaccinations in Hamilton
    Download here

Direct link to Launch Meeting – Zoom on Monday April 12 at 6pm

New Report A Brief Flowering of Hope: Life After Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot

New Hamilton’s Social Landscape Bulletin:
Changing Demographics of Hamilton’s Older Adult Population

New report from the Indigenous Reaching Home Team at SPRC with Hub Solutions at the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

Revisioning Coordinated Access: Fostering Indigenous Best Practices Towards a Wholistic Systems Approach to Homelessness

The hidden costs of public education disproportionately affect low-income students and make it difficult to fully participate in the school experience.

The Cost of a School Day: Report from the Hamilton Community of Practice for the Knowledge Network of Student Wellbeing

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