• MORE THAN SNACKS: Background Report for No Child Leaves School Hungry: Developing Hamilton’s Approach to a Universal, School-based Nutrition Program

    Published: December 2010

    The Hamilton Community Foundation engaged the SPRC to prepare this report to give an overview of the history of Student Nutrition Programs in Hamilton, how they operate as well as their strengths and the challenges they face. This report will be an aid for developing new strategies for addressing student hunger and a universal student nutrition program.

    Funded by: Hamilton Community Foundation
  • Demographic Profile of HWCDSB Elementary School Catchment Areas

    Published: October 2010

    In 2010, the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board requested the help of the SPRC to review demographic data with an aim to update the Equal Opportunities Program with newer data and give a basis for the committee to re-examine which schools should be part of the program. This report communicates the results of the analysis conducted.

    Community Partner: Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board
    Funded by: Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • Urban Arts Initiative

    Published: August 2010

    This report is a summary of all information collected for the Urban Arts Initiative consultation. The Urban Arts Initiative met for almost two years to better plan for arts opportunities with and for at-risk youth in the Hamilton community. The report describes the current literature on at-risk youth and the arts, identifies good models of practices, maps out the local opportunities and describes the advice and input solicited from community partners and young people. The report concludes with a recommendation for next steps for the steering committee.

    Funded by: The Urban Arts Initiative Steering Committee
  • Adequate, Suitable, Affordable – Report on Housing in Hamilton

    Published: June 2010

    This report aims to outline the state of housing in Hamilton, with an emphasis on affordable housing for our most vulnerable residents. These residents include people with disabilities, racialized minorities, people experiencing poverty and/or living in lower income brackets, newcomers, and Aboriginal people.

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
    Community Partners: Affordable Housing Flagship, Housing Help Centre of Hamilton, City of Hamilton, Immigrant Women’s Centre
  • Published: June 2010

    The Social Planning Network of Ontario’s (SPNO) report provides valuable information about Ontario and its evolving communities. Chalk-full of demographic and socio-economic data, the report is offered as a resource for program planning, needs assessments, advocacy initiatives, public policy development, research projects and more.

    Community Partner: Social Planning Network of Ontario
  • Annual Report 2009-2010

    Published: June 2010

    Annual Report for April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010

  • Women & Poverty in Hamilton

    Published: May 2010

    Since the SPRC published its first report on women and poverty in Hamilton in May 2006, women remain disproportionately affected by poverty in our community. This report is an update of the 2006 report using more recent data from Statistics Canada.

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
  • On Any Given Night – Homelessness Indicators Report

    Published: May 2010

    The City of Hamilton and the SPRC collaborated to produce this report which tracks various indicators of homelessness, particularly emergency shelter data.

    Community Partner: City of Hamilton – Housing and Homelessness Division
  • Trying for normal when the wheel comes off: The Hamilton Social Audit

    Published: April 2010

    This report is the result of a day spent listening deeply to and reflecting upon the stories told by remarkable people with lived experience of poverty who came forward to be a part of the Hamilton Social Audit on April 22, 2010.

    Community Partner: 25 in 5 Hamilton Network for Poverty Reduction
  • Hamilton Community Action Program for Children Evaluation Report

    Published: March 2010

    The Hamilton Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) is a national project with each province developing its own set of priorities and guidelines. In Ontario, there are ninety-two CAPC programs currently operating. This report is an evaluation of the Hamilton CAPC project for the April 2008 to March 2010 time period.

    Funded by: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Hamilton Community Correctional Services Needs Assessment

    Published: February 2010

    This report describes the process and findings of a study undertaken to conduct a community needs assessment of the trends, issues and unmet needs of people using the current array of community based corrections services providing support to clients in Hamilton. The impetus for this study comes from the expressed concern of a number of those agencies providing support to clients in their transition from incarceration to reintegration into the Hamilton community.

    Funded by: Ontario Trillium Foundation
    Community Partner: Corrections Consortium of Hamilton
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