• Everyone has a home: Policy Brief to the National Housing Strategy Consultation

    Published: October 2016

    This submission to the federal government’s National Housing Strategy consultation  is based in part on the City of Hamilton’s housing and homelessness action plan. The policy brief includes suggested federal strategies to address affordable housing, based on the SPRC’s own consultations in this area, as well sound policy proposals from Ontario’s Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Big Cities Mayor’s Caucus, the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, and the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton

  • Neighbourhood Profile: South Mountain

    Published: September 2016

    Kiwanis Homes Inc. Victoria Park Community Homes Inc. and McGivney Community Homes Inc. partnered with the SPRC to create a project that would have a benefit to the South Mountain community and have a broader positive impact to the residents in the neighbourhood. This report is a demographic profile of this neighbourhood area, based on 2011 Census and National Household Survey data.

    Funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation

  • Hamilton’s Social Landscape Bulletins: Demographic Shifts

    Published: September 2016

    Using a variety of data sources, the Demographic shifts series of Hamilton’s Social Landscape bulletins explore differences between older and younger generations to uncover trends in a range of demographic characteristics of Hamilton’s population.

    See previous Hamilton’s Social Landscape Bulletins

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton

  • #HamOnt LGBTQ+ Speak Out!

    Published: June 2016

    This report outlines the recommendations from 2016 community consultations with LGBTQ2+ community members and ally service providers on how to make Hamilton an LGBTQ2+ Positive city to work, live, learn and play.

    Community Partners: Hamilton Community Foundation, United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton

  • Annual Report 2015-2016

    Published: June 2016

    Annual Report for April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016

  • Tastebuds’ Infographic

    Published: May 2016

    Created for distribution at Tastebuds’ Feast on the Farm fundraiser, held on May 26, 2016.

    Funded by: Ministry of Youth and Child Services

  • Violence Against Women Services in Hamilton: Assessing Gaps and Barriers in Service

    Published: April 2016

    This report is phase two of the “Mapping Community Assets” report recently produced by the Woman Abuse Working Group. It is intended to provide a baseline system overview of intimate partner violence and sexual violence of adult women.

    Goals of this report include:

    • Educating the community and improving system coordination, including identifying deficits and gaps
    • Highlighting aboriginal, newcomer and francophone services

    Community Partners: Woman Abuse Working Group
    Funded by: Ontario Women’s Directorate

  • Money for Nothing, Debt for Free: Is the payday loan industry cashing in on Hamilton’s rise in precarious employment?

    Published: February 2016

    This report surveys the landscape of payday lending in Hamilton, including the increase in payday loan outlets and the decrease in bank branches over the past 15 years. The report also examines trends in precarious employment, and what changes are needed so workers in these jobs, and other people living at or near the poverty line, can access more affordable financial services.

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton

  • The Quarterly Sprout – Winter 2016

    Published: February 2016

    Newsletter from Tastebuds’, Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative, 2016 issues

    Funded by: Ministry of Children and Youth Services

  • Paths to Research Collaboration: A Guide to Working with McMaster Researchers

    Published: January 2016

    If you are a community, non-profit, or public organization looking for assistance with research, or if you have been approached by McMaster University researchers interested in conducting research with you, this guide is for you. It is a roadmap, designed to guide community organizations along the journey to collaborative research.

    Paths to Research Collaboration is the product of a partnership between the Social Planning and Research Council (SPRC) of Hamilton and McMaster University. If you’d like print copies, please email

  • Voter ID Clinics During the 2015 Federal Election

    Published: January 2016

    The Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy, the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, and the Hamilton Public Library, partnered to administer voter ID clinics during the 2015 federal election. The purpose of the clinics was to increase voter participation by breaking down barriers to voting, including acquainting voters with ID requirements and new changes to ID requirements, and helping people find their poll locations.

    This report includes an overview of the clinics and the challenges associated with voter identification requirements, as well as recommendations for future clinics.

    Community Partners: Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy, Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, Hamilton Public Library

  • The St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton Report to the Community 2016

    Published: January 2016

    This report updates the community on the vision and values of the St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton and summarizes their services and recent accomplishments.

    Funded by: St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton

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