Hamilton’s Rental Landscape

Understanding the rental housing crisis and solutions to end it

The current rental landscape is changing, and changing fast. Highlighting data on rental housing from a variety of sources, the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton is publishing a series of bulletins to bring attention to Hamilton’s renters, the buildings they live in, the rents they pay, and the difficulties they face in this challenging housing market.

For additional context, also see the SPRC’s 2018 report
Out of Control: Ontario’s acute rental housing crisis – Lessons from Hamilton and Quebec City

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Hamilton’s Rental Landscape Bulletins

Introduction and Executive Summary

Rising Rents and Evictions in Hamilton and Beyond

· Rents and affordability in Hamilton and Ontario

· Rents in Hamilton’s neighbourhoods

· Rising eviction rates threatening tenants and affordable housing

Trends in  Hamilton’s rental stock

· Growth in Hamilton’s Renter Households

· Rental quality concerns

· Primary private rental stock in Hamilton

· Not-for-profit housing

Causes & Impacts of Hamilton’s Rental Housing Crisis (coming soon…)

· Contributors to Hamilton’s Rental Crisis

· Housing discrimination

· Health Impacts of Hamilton’s Rental Crisis

· Community Impacts of changes in rental housing

· Impacts on young people, newcomers and single renters in Hamilton

Solutions for Improving Hamilton’s Rental Market (coming soon…)

· What Is Affordable Housing?

· Tenant Protections as a tool to protect affordable housing

· Portable Housing Benefit: A Form of Basic Income?

· Housing Supply solutions to the rental housing crisis

· Individual & Community Actions to help address the rental housing crisis

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