2006 - Community Partner Reports

  • Published: June 2006

    In the summer of 2005, the Hospitals-Shelters Working Group determined that data was needed to better understand the population of people moving between shelters and hospitals. The objectives of this data collection process were to learn more about this population, to learn about the patterns and trends in movement between hospitals and shelters and to use this information to understand the potential implications for service.

    Community Partner: Hospitals-Shelters Working Group
  • On Any Given Night Measuring Homelessness in Hamilton

    Published: January 2006

    This indicators report notes key factors impacting homelessness in Hamilton. Local information on factors contributing to homelessness, a demographic profile of people experiencing homelessness and some service utilization statistics are included in this report. Data presented here reflects the most recent information available. The purpose of this document is to provide information about the nature of homelessness in Hamilton. It is not intended to be a policy statement but rather to inform the ongoing discussion about the best way for the City, the community and senior levels of governments to address the issue of homelessness in Hamilton.

    Community Partner: City of Hamilton – Housing & Homelessness Division
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