2006 - Evaluation

  • Hepatitis C Needs Assessment – Final Report

    Published: June 2006

    The needs assessment is to determine the service needs, (informational, supportive, medical) of people living with hepatitis C in Hamilton in order to help the network prioritize future actions and activities accordingly. The purpose of this report is to make those findings available to: Hamilton Hepatitis C Network members, community services providers who work with HCV target populations, and to everyone interested in HCV prevention and education.

    Funded by: Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Hamilton Aboriginal Men’s Residence Transitional Housing Needs Analysis

    Published: May 2006

    The purpose of this report is:

    To assist in the homelessness planning activities of the Hamilton Aboriginal community;

    To research the need for a Homeless Aboriginal Men’s Residence; and

    To facilitate the process for a Homeless Aboriginal Men’s Residence.

    Funded by: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (National Homelessness Initiative – Urban Aboriginal Homelessness)
    Community Partners: Hamilton Executive Directors’ Aboriginal Coalition, Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
  • Recreation Access for Children and Youth of Hamilton’s Diverse Communities: Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities

    Published: May 2006

    The City of Hamilton increase in diversity necessitates a review of the operation and design of the sectors which seek to serve the public to ensure that all needs are being met. In response to this message, in September 2005, a working group and steering committee, led by Sport Hamilton, sought to better understand the issues of access to recreation for children and youth from cultural and ethno-racial groups in our community. The SPRC was commissioned to consult the community to further localize and understand the barriers faced by diverse ethno-racial children and youth.

    Funded by: Heritage Canada
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