2008 - Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the Stoney Creek United Church Wraparound Project

    Published: October 2008

    The Stoney Creek United Church Wraparound project engaged the services of the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton in June 2008 to conduct an evaluation of the project in accordance with the terms noted in a proposal for funding to the Hamilton Community Foundation.

    Commissioned by: The Stoney Creek United Church Wraparound
    Funded by: Hamilton Community Foundation
  • Evaluating the Youth Anti-Abuse Project – Phase 2

    Published: May 2008

    The Youth Anti-Abuse Project Phase 2: Strengthening Supports and Expanding Diversity (YAAP) is evaluated in this report. This project was a partnership fostered by the Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton and Wesley Urban Ministries. This project spanned 15 months (January 2007 – March 2008).

    Commissioned by: The Youth Anti-Abuse Project
    Community Partner: Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton, Wesley Urban Ministries
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