2013 - Healthy Development of Children & Youth

  • 2012-2013 Hamilton CAPC Local Evaluation

    Published: July 2013

    This local evaluation of the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) uses numerical data from program partners to identify numbers of sub-groups of participants and visits within each program, and presents stories from program partners about ways that their programs are making a difference in individual families’ lives, as well as challenges or unexpected outcomes. Findings suggest that continued collaboration could help partners to address common challenges such as reaching out to newcomer communities, young fathers, and socially isolated clients; recruiting, coaching, and mentoring volunteers; and finding supports for community members seeking a service that is unknown or unavailable.

     Funded by: Public Health Agency of Canada

  • STAR Tenant Consultation Report

    Published: April 2013

    Change provides an opportunity to become more responsive. For STAR Hamilton, going through organizational changes provided an opportunity to hear more from tenants in three areas served by the organization (Oriole Crescent, Kenora Avenue, and Congress Court) about what they think is working in STAR’s programming, and what could be improved. We consulted with tenants in these through surveys (in English, French, and Arabic) and interviews. We also spoke with community partners to come up with recommendations on how STAR can better meet the needs of people living the areas it serves.

    Funded by: Hamilton Community Foundation
    Community Partners: Banyan Community Services, STAR of Hamilton, Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton

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