2006 - Poverty Reduction & Elimination

  • Report on the Immigrant Skills Workforce Integration Project: A Plan for Hamilton

    Published: July 2006

    The SPRC committed to implementing the Immigrant Skills Workforce Integration Project (ISWIP) with funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation. The purpose of the project was to develop a community plan for Hamilton that would fully integrate immigrant professionals and trades people into the local labour force at their optimal skill level. There are eight sections in this report that provide a complete record of the project and development of the community plan for Hamilton.

    Funded by: Hamilton Community Foundation (Tackling Poverty Together Fund)
    Community Partner: Immigrant Skills Workforce Integration Project Advisory Committee (ISWIP)
  • Women and Poverty in Hamilton

    Published: May 2006

    Women in Hamilton have a poverty rate of 22% compared with men’s rate of 18%. A deeper look reveals further inequities between men and women in select categories. There are also significant differences in poverty rates between women of different backgrounds.

    Funded by: United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton
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