• Community Development

    Supporting groups and organizations in developing plans for change.

  • Evaluation

    Analyzing social program goals and outcomes and offering recommendations to support continuous improvement and responsiveness.

  • Facilitation

    Assisting with broad conversations on issues facing our communities as a neutral voice.

  • Geographic Information Service

    Mapping custom data including service locations, client information and demographic trends.

  • Research

    Providing data and analysis on social trends and issues in our community.

  • Social Policy Analysis

    Offering research-based analysis and proposals to policy makers in government and institutions.

  • Strategic Planning

    Identifying service needs and strategic directions within organizations.

  • Systems Planning

    Convening service providers and other key informants within a sector to promote effective, efficient and, responsive services.

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…we, along with five other women serving agencies, worked with SPRC to form the Women’s Housing Collaborative Partnership…..SPRC was crucial in helping us come together and form a group that meets all of our goals and addresses vulnerable women at the center of the work.

Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Hamilton

Denise Doyle

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