Hamilton’s Social Landscape

sociallandscape This series of short reports focuses on important trends in Hamilton by theme. These reports are published by the Social Planning and Research Council with financial support from the United Way Halton Hamilton and the City of Hamilton Enrichment Fund. Join the SPRC e-newsletter in the box on the left of this page to receive in your inbox all reports as they are released.

New: Young Renters in Hamilton (2022)

New: Renter Growth in Hamilton (2022)

New: Poverty, Social Assistance and Hunger in Hamilton (2022)

COVID-19 (2020-2021)

May 2021 August 2020

Hamilton’s Rental Landscape (2019-2020)

Rising Rents and Evictions in Hamilton and Beyond Trends in  Hamilton’s rental stock For additional context, also see the SPRC’s 2018 report Out of Control: Ontario’s acute rental housing crisis – Lessons from Hamilton and Quebec City

Census Quick Facts (2019-2020)

Poverty and Persistence (2017)

Using new taxfiler and longitudinal data from Statistics Canada, these bulletins explore trends in poverty in Hamilton.

Demographic Shifts Bulletins (2016)

Using a variety of data sources, the Demographic shifts series of bulletins explore differences between older and younger generations to uncover trends in a range of demographic characteristics of Hamilton’s population. The Hamilton Spectator has published a series of articles based on the data in the Demographic Shifts bulletins, The Changing Face of Hamilton.

Previous bulletins (2011-2013)

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